Invisalign® First™

Guiding Smiles as They Grow!

As the first and foremost leader in invisible orthodontic care, Invisalign® now offers clear aligner therapy for Phase One treatment in kids.

Help your child’s smile reach its full potential

Invisalign First establishes the groundwork for well-aligned, beautiful smiles. With most orthodontic problems identifiable by the time a child is in first or second grade, Invisalign First takes full advantage of the rapid growth and development that takes place between the ages of six and ten to support better treatment outcomes.

As custom-designed to the unique requirements of each child’s smile, Invisalign First aligners gently and incrementally improve tooth alignment, support eruption of the permanent teeth into better positions, and widen narrow dental arches to optimize smile development.

Building positive experiences in care

With its clear, comfortable aligners, Invisalign First offers young children a more positive and stress-free early experience with orthodontic care. Children undergoing Phase 1 care can enjoy the activities they love without worrying about broken brackets or wires or getting teased about wearing braces. And, since Invisalign First aligners are completely removable for short periods of time, your child can clean their teeth with ease and keep their smile healthy and bright!

Shorter phase 2 treatment & more predictable results

Invisalign First offers a proactive approach to Phase 1 orthodontic care that leverages dental development and smile growth to maximum advantage. As treatment helps to improve dental alignment, it also simplifies the next stage of orthodontic care.

When a second phase of orthodontic care is needed to refine the occlusion and fully align the permanent teeth in older children and young teens, starting care early with Invisalign First facilitates shorter Phase 2 treatment times and yields more predictable results.

At Wellwood Family Dentistry, we offer cost-effective care for growing smiles. With Invisalign First™, there's no separate fee for a second phase of care down the road. Your child will receive two phases of care for the cost of one!

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