How To Brush Your Teeth for Better Health

May 30, 2024

You already know the benefits of brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. But here’s the catch: You can brush all you want, but if you don’t use the correct technique, you’re missing out on better oral health.

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Take these steps for excellence in brushing.

Use the correct toothbrush. Take into account the bristle firmness, head size and handle design. Soft bristles are kind to your enamel and gums. Choose a head size that easily makes contact with the surfaces of each tooth, especially the tricky-to-reach back teeth. Pick a handle that will let you effortlessly maneuver the toothbrush throughout your mouth. Curved handles work well for children and people with manual dexterity issues.

Clear away the plaque and food particles between your teeth using dental floss, interdental picks or interdental brushes. Those tools reach the gaps and crevices that toothbrushes can’t. Then use a water flosser to flush all that debris down the drain. 

Use a toothpaste with fluoride. There are kinds of toothpaste that are targeted to particular needs, such as sensitive teeth, whitening and gum health. 

When brushing outer and inner surfaces, tilt the head at a 45° angle, lightly slide the bristles under the gum tissue, gently wiggle them back and forth a few times, and then use sweeping upward strokes. Brush your biting surfaces with a back-and-forth motion. 

Finish up by brushing your tongue to remove bacteria and food particles lurking in its creases. Some toothbrushes have a tongue scraper on the opposite side of the bristles. Or, use a tongue cleaner; they’re sold at drug stores. 

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