Dr. Mittelman

Dr. Mittelman has been part of the dental care community for over 50 years. He began his studies in Romania, where, along with learning basic sciences, he was pursuing musical studies. In 1972, he and his family moved to Israel, where he attended the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After graduating in 1979, many years of dental practice in the Israeli Defense Forces followed, including six years serving as a senior dental officer. Additionally, Dr. Mittleman practiced in the Dept of Prosthodontics of the Institute of Oral Medicine and Surgery at Tel-HaShomer and in private practice in Jerusalem. During these years, Dr. Mittleman also completed the post-graduate program in prosthodontics at the University of Maryland Dental School at Baltimore and did research in dental materials with Dr. Van Thompson of “Maryland Bridge” fame. In 1994, Dr. Mittleman moved to the United States, licensed to practice dentistry and specialize in prosthodontics with an emphasis on implantology. Before joining the Wellwood family, from 1998-2021, he was the owner and solo practitioner of a general and prosthetic dentistry office in Baltimore. Dr. Mittleman loves music, sports, history, and the company of his wife, Jo-Ann, and their 17 grandchildren.

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